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work bible verse

Friends sometimes ask me, “What are you doing?”

After moving to Florida a little over a year ago, I DID have trouble filling up my days and, to my detriment, I filled them with too much of too little and it usually centered around me and how sad I was about what I had left and lost and longed for.

But God is good (always, of course…) and faithful to give us what we need at just the right time if we are faithful as well to trust and petition and seek Him in all things.

I’m, by no means, a pro at that, I’d like to add…it’s a constant and consistent struggle to take myself off the throne. To get it right. To seek Him first so all “this” will be added unto me. (Matthew 6:33)

So I am not going to give you a laundry list of what I do, things I am involved in, how that happens for me on a daily basis, and how I achieve that. We all have those lists and mine is probably similar to yours in most respects.

But here’s the thing…

People ask me that question and it makes my heart skip a beat sometimes. Why is that? I think I have it nailed down.

We are, generally, a worker/works/activity focused society with a paid job and vocation being at the top of the heap to get accolades for checking that box. I do have that on a very part-time level right now but it’s hard for most to wrap their brains around the entirety of what is “me” and what I “do”.

“Wait. What? You don’t work fulltime? You don’t go to work in the traditional sense? And your children are grown and gone from home? What, in heaven’s name can you possibly be doing?!” That’s what they think, even though they don’t say it, I am guessing.

But I’m growing and God is teaching me to not think in that traditional sense any longer. We are in a new season, God and I. I AM doing “work”, make no mistake. Such good, important work on so many levels and I’m grateful that He has helped me learn to see, understand, and appreciate this season and this work.