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pantry pic

I have a pantry with wire shelves and two bi-fold doors in my kitchen. I don’t love the wire shelves but I’m going to have to live with them (things fall through, it’s hard to stack some items, and many traditional closet organization aides don’t work well with them).

But one issue: at each end on the floor under the bottom shelf (as well as the ends of each shelf), there is a very un-handy space that is difficult to reach, hard to store things in, and is just not very good useable space.

For this floor space, here is my little project and solution from today:

I have had these two antique wood crates since high school. I tried putting brackets on them and using them on the wall but just wasn’t happy with them. I think this is a much better use!

I attached light-duty swivel wheels from Home Depot to the bottoms of each box and now they store items that can be easily accessed!

I love how they look and I love how they function!

pantry pic 1

pantry pic 2


Happy organizing!