keep calm it is only fb
I’ve been struggling lately…with Facebook.  How stupid is that. The mere posing of the question seems that it should be clear to me what the right path should be…but I still struggle.  Why is that?

I have so many friends that post happy, uplifting, enlightening posts that help me stay connected to them in positive, wonderful ways. Then I have “friends” who post questionable, undesirable, just plain nonsense posts that, if I respond to (or sometimes even if I don’t respond to), I am questioned and challenged and it becomes a great source of turmoil and, to be perfectly honest, sorrow in my life. That’s not good.

That’s never good. Is it? Or is it?

Life wasn’t meant to be totally without sorrow and hardship, right? I’ve been studying Romans 8:28-30 today, which is a well-loved, often quoted verse in regards to Christian life and hardship.

The breakdown from my study is this:

v. 28: your bad things turn out for good

v. 29 your good things can never be lost

v. 30 the best things are yet to come

Does Facebook fit into Paul’s plan for us in Romans 8:28-30? I’m not sure but I do know that it is part of my life and as such, all scripture is for our benefit, learning, and is meant to be profitable.

It’s hard for me to know the lines of where I should interject and where I should stay completely away from Facebook posts. When should I speak the truth that I feel certain of and when am I intruding on someone’s little private celebration of what THEY feel is the truth? (and don’t worry…I’ve found out they let you know when you’ve intruded…). Often, it becomes this bad thing for me…just like others, Christians are not immune to bad things. Just because we belong to God doesn’t mean we are “spared” from heartache, sorrow, despair, hardship, or trials. And Facebook often becomes a weapon that used to separate, divide, and cause strife. It has done that in my life. I have played into it and allowed it to do that in my life.

It’s a tricky line that I’m really not certain is meaningful, prudent, or has a lasting impact. It’s definitely not a positive impact. Facebook is a terrible venue to argue, debate, or pose an alternative opinion. In my experience, it doesn’t work well and usually ends in people feeling they can “say” things they would never dream of saying to the other person’s face and it quickly degrades to a new low.

But never have so many been so determined to say so much to so many about so little so easily. But don’t be disillusioned…it’s not without so little influence. It can influence relationships severely, without repair, and even without knowledge. Very dangerous.

So do I become a wallflower on Facebook or do I delete my account completely? That is the question. And who really cares? What difference would it really make? It saddens me but the two options really seem one in the same…