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When I was in high school, a favorite musician was Keith Green. Now that I’m on the “downside” of living and 50, I can’t help but look back and examine all those interactions, instances, and circumstances that brought me to where I am today.

It has not always been smooth sailing, I have to confess. I had some rough seas.

I had some trials.

I had some wayward journeys.

But, now looking back, I see a clear path up to where I am now. What was the constant? Christ there with me. Directing. Leading. Using my bad choices for His good.

There is a Keith Green song, “He’ll Take Care Of The Rest.” That had a profound impact on the young, newly saved Jan. It helped teach me that all through history, God was there working in the lives of those who knew Him.

I knew Him. He knows my name.

He was my God, too. In all those trials and challenges…losing a child, moving all over the world, challenges in a marriage, wondering if we were showing our girls how to live for Christ, many military deployments, hard jobs and people to deal with, more moving, more deployments, feeling isolated and alone without all that was comfortable to me…one thing was consistent. He was there. He really was. And He was taking care of the rest…whatever that was.

Bible stories aren’t just stories to me. They are real people who, like me, did the best they could and trust God to take care of the rest…


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