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If I had kept track of how many bags of shredded cabbage I’ve thrown away in the past 5 years alone, I’d be sick (well, when I threw them away, the smell was STARTING to make me sick but that’s another story…)

So I was thinking today, as that aging bag in my crisper drawer stared back at me, “Why not freeze the stuff?”  I also had a bag of shredded carrots that I have no immediate need for, so in the deep freeze they go, as well!

I had these Ziploc “Zip ‘n Steam” bags (size medium) on hand that are for steaming fresh veggies in the microwave. I put my carrots in one bag and the cabbage in a couple of others. The bags are somewhat “breathable” so I did double bag them in another regular zipper top baggie.

Not sure when I’ll use them, but I’ll keep you posted!

freezer bags