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This bedside table. I love it. A new coat of paint. Metallic silver…latest fad : maybe. But I still love it. I’m sure 20 years from now one of my daughters will be repainting it with whatever the color of season is. That’s fine. I hope they do. I hope it has a long life.

You see…

This bedside table is an antique radio cabinet. We bought it over 25 years ago at the household sale of my great aunt Geneva (Jordan) and John Birk. (well…to be honest, I’m sure my Dad loaned me some bucks that day and I made a few purchases…this was one of them…and I am still grateful and appreciative).

So, every time I look at this I think of family and heritage and long-standing, stubborn love. I think of Aunt Virginia and Uncle Ding. I think of Aunt Adele and Uncle Harry. I think of grandparents, Russel and Mary Jane Jordan and Ray and Bonnie Wolfe. I was witness to lots of hard times. Some more public than others. But, in the end, they stuck it out…together.

That’s what I think about when I look at this “thing”. It encourages me. Because my life isn’t perfect. My love isn’t perfect. But I’m encouraged by these people–now long gone–who left a legacy of strong, stubborn love for me to continue. Thank you, Aunt Geneva.